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Car Repair Financial Assistance – Your Way Back To Road

Having a car allows you mobility at your comfort. It makes most of your day-to-day work easy. At the same time, the car also needs maintenance and a lot of people cannot pay for it. Therefore, the government offers car repair financial assistance for low-income people. A lot of people like students need cars to go to college or jobs, veterans and senior citizens also need cars for their daily activities, to visit a doctor, or for other purposes.

Most of these people do not have jobs or earn very little to afford to pay for car repair and maintenance. Moreover, many disabled people also work as drivers, these people already have low income and high medical costs and cannot bear any additional car costs. Thus, rising car repair costs may compel them to leave the job. Your car cost can also increase in case of a car accident. 

Car Repair Financial Assistance
Car Repair Financial Assistance

If people have low income, their ability to pay for car repair or maintenance, decreases. Therefore, these people mostly do not repair their car or have to sell it. However, various organizations and government programs now help such people. Some of the car repair financial assistance programs provide grants to people, and some repair their cars for free. Most of these programs, however, help only low-income and disabled people. The aim is to ensure that people have a safe travel option to reach their places of work. Many governmental and non-governmental non-profit organizations have introduced many programs to help such people in need. 

Emergency Car Repair Grants

Some government programs offer car repair financial assistance to the people in need. Those are specifically targeted to low-income groups and are available in some states of the country. These programs may have eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill to get the benefits. Besides, some local or national non-profit organizations also offer emergency car repair grants to needy people. 

Governments Programs

The Government understands your need for a car. Therefore, it has come up with a car repair financial assistance program. The government has launched Job Access and Reverse Commute service for emergency car repair assistance. The program is popularly known as JARC and has helped many low-income families and disadvantaged people to receive help for their car problems.

The program offers limited assistance and is available only in some of the towns and states. Since the funding is limited, assistance is mostly given to the people who require a car for educational or work purposes and those who have low-income levels. It covers college students, veterans, senior citizens, single moms, and people who are part of the federal welfare programs.

The JARC offers eligible applicants automobile vouchers or free car repair financial assistance. It can cover the cost of new tires, transmission cost, or any other required help. The government has also prescribed eligibility criteria for this program. However, in case you do not qualify for this program, you can also approach some of the non-profit organizations. Since JARC is a federal government program, it also distributes some of its funds to NPOs.

It makes the program accessible to more people and they do not have to be solely dependent on the government for assistance. Some NPOs may offer free car repair assistance, vouchers, funds, and low-cost loans. The assistance aims at helping people to get out of a short-term crisis. It is meant to help in preventing any long-term consequences that may arise due to the lack of a well-maintained car.

It can be obtaining a new job at a longer distance or prevention from losing one. Many people who work at night find it difficult to access public transport services at their suitable timings. This may also compel them to lose their jobs. In such cases, the car repair financial assistance programs help them to repair and use their car and retain their jobs. 

JARC is a culmination of the various car repair assistance programs of the government. It provides micro-grants to needy people. These grants can help them maintain their cars for a longer duration and repair whenever needed. However, to receive benefits, you must apply and be eligible for the program. 

How To Apply?

The car repair financial assistance program, JARC,  is available only in some areas. Thus, first, you must find out if the program is running in your area. Then, you have to visit or contact the local center and apply. You can find out all the required information about the application process by contacting the United Way Hotline 211.

The hotline will let you know if the program is available in your area and it will also guide you with the application process. It will also inform you about the number of funds available with the center.


If the service is available in your area, you can apply to your local agency. A project manager will review your application to check if you are eligible for the program. Mostly the eligibility is determined based on your financial situation, need for a car, and your ability to manage your finances. The preference is generally given to low-income families with children and less fortunate people. Other facts such as race, national origin, gender, etc are not considered for the eligibility purpose. 


If the service is not available in your area or you do not fit into the criteria prescribed by the government, you can search for other sources as well. Any local community action agency in your area will guide you in searching for other programs or organizations that can help you in car repair financial assistance

. If the agency is unable to provide any direct assistance to you, it will assist you with other sources. For instance, if you need an emergency transport service to reach work or a medical appointment, the agency can provide you with tickets or bus passes.

Besides the government, multiple non-profit organizations are working to help needy people in receiving assistance. However, every organization will have different criteria for their car assistance programs. They also have limited funds to assist people with car repairs. Therefore, only a few eligible candidates will receive the benefits.

In case you are not eligible to receive car repair assistance, the organizations may also give you loan options. The loans are given at a very low cost and can help you to overcome the car crisis you are having. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Various non-profit organizations, churches, and charities also have programs to provide car repair financial assistance to needy people. The services offered by these organizations may differ according to the area and the needs of the people. If they are unable to help in repairing your cost, they will provide you with other transportation needs. Let us check out some of the organizations that can help you with car repair.

Ways to work is a non-profit organization that helps people in solving their employment issues caused by car-related problems. The organization does not provide free services, but it provides low-cost loans to the applicants in order to repair their cars or buy a new one. The organization also offers transportation services to the workplaces and job interviews. 

It is a non-profit charitable organization that assists low-income working families. The organization offers free car repair services to needy people and also helps in providing used cars for some. The organization has centers in many states and can be easily accessible in times of need. 

This non-profit organization doesn’t directly help individuals with car repairs, but it can help them in getting low-cost cars. You can also donate your car to the organization and they will find a perfect match for it. For car repairing services, they can get you in contact with the shops and other agencies that may help you. 

This non-profit organization can assist you with different car repair financial assistance programs. The organization is linked to many charities and other organizations that can assist you in repairing your cars. It can acquaint you with the information regarding programs and will guide you through it. It can also inform you about different organizations that donate cars to the needy. While it may not be able to assist you directly, it can provide you with referrals. 

  • Car Ready Repairs 

It is a local level charity organization that helps needy people with car repair financial assistance. The organization provides assistance of up to $800 for car repair. The organization also helps needy, low-income people in buying cars at low cost. The cars provided are mostly old, but reliable. The organization, however, is working only in a few areas of Michigan and offers help to its residents only.

It is another non-profit organization that offers assistance to people to recover from a short-term crisis. The beneficiaries are mostly low-income people who cannot afford to pay for car repair and related issues. Thus, the organization provides grants to such people to pay for car insurance, repair, etc.

These organizations offer help to needy people under various programs. Besides, some local organizations also provide help in their areas. These organizations have limited funding and can help only the people that belong to their areas. Besides, some of the local churches also offer financial help to the needy people who are regular visitors of that church.


Crowdfunding is another way of collecting money for your car repair. Social media has become an important tool for reaching out to people for help. If you are unable to receive help from any of the organizations or government programs, you can go for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding does not require you to pass any eligibility criteria or fill any applications, all the methods and results depend upon how you present your story.


Here, you will have to make a profile on social media and raise your case on it. You can make a video or write a test to tell your story to people. Making a video is considered a more suitable option, since, through it, you directly connect to the audience. If people find your story appealing, they will help you. However, in this case, it is also important to target the right people and donors. 

To receive car repair financial assistance from crowdfunding, your story has to be honest and compelling. You also have to be active throughout the process. You cannot appeal once and expect funds. You should update your audience and donors with the amount collected and your needs. etc.

This will help the audience to stay connected to you and make your case more appealing. Also, when you receive financial assistance through crowdfunding, you must show some gratitude and thank the people who helped you.

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Specific People

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Specific People
Car Repair Financial Assistance For Specific People

Some organizations may help provide car repair financial assistance to specific people. The people who are less fortunate or are specially-abled can receive help from the organizations working for their betterment. The organizations are mostly local and work in a few states.

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Low-Income Families

Some organizations provide car repair financial assistance to some low-income families. This assistance is mostly based on the ability of the family to pay for the repair cost and their need for a car. A shop in Vancouver named Carpenter’s Garage is providing free car repairing services to families belonging to the low-income group. 

Another charity, vehicles for change, is offering car repair assistance to low-income families. It also avails old cars to needy people at low prices. The organization is not country-wide and is working only in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Besides, Good News Garage is also working in New England. It donates reliable transportation to its citizens. It can also help you reach your workplace with its shuttle program.

As mentioned earlier, working cars for working families is another organization that assists low-income families and has a nation-wide presence.

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Veterans

Veterans face many financial difficulties after retirement. Some of them can lack the ability to pay for car repair. Keys To Progress offers car repair financial assistance to such veterans throughout the country. They also organize annual programs, where they donate old and well-maintained cars to the veterans.

Semper Fi Fund is another organization working for veterans. The organization provides support to injured veterans. Besides car repair, the organization also assists in the modification of the veteran’s cars according to their needs. It also offers other transport resources to veterans who cannot drive. 

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Students

There are some organizations working for students’ welfare throughout the country. Some of these offer free cars for college students. However, to receive such assistance, students must have a good academic record. If you are a student and your car is beyond repair, these organizations can offer you old cars for free. is one of the organizations that donate cars to students based on their grades. Also,, a nationwide non-profit organization, runs car donation programs for needy students. Both the organizations have limited funding and car donations. Thus, if you have really good academic performance, your chances of getting a car increase.

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Single Moms

It is difficult to manage work while raising a child alone. Therefore, many organizations have come up in support of single moms. Some of these also offer assistance with car repair. The government program, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF), may help low-income single moms with car repair financial assistance.

The main condition is you must be able to prove your need for a car for work reasons. Also, low-income pregnant women and the ones raising a child under the age of nineteen, can be eligible for the program.

A local charity, Next Level Church, is also helping single moms in Charlotte, NC with car repair. They provide minor repair assistance, while you might have to provide for the car parts.

Car Repair Financial Assistance For Disabled 

Disabled people face many difficulties during their day-to-day lives. They have medical needs, and therefore, their expenses can be higher than their income. In such cases, if their livelihood is dependent upon the car, their lives become more miserable when having a car problem. 

Cars4cristmas can help disabled people with car repair financial assistance. Besides assistance, they provide needy, disabled drivers with another car. 

So, these organizations are your way back to the road. If you or anyone around you need assistance with car repair, you can approach these sources.

These organizations and programs have limited funding and thus, can provide car repair financial assistance to only a few people. There might be other needy people who do not receive funds owing to the lack of funds. However, if you have ever been through such a situation and want to help others, you can do that. Most of these non-profit organizations accept funds from other people. You can donate some amount or even your old cars to these organizations and help needy people around you.

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