How To Calculate Sales Taxes In Connecticut For 2021?

If you are a retailer in Connecticut or your business has a physical presence in the state, you become in charge of collecting and remitting sales tax. However, you should also know whether you are selling taxable goods. 

The government of Connecticut has exempted some goods from sales tax. This largely includes the food and groceries that you buy from a grocery store. Food items like rice, meat, pasta, salsa, fruit, and bread are non-taxable in Connecticut.

On the other hand, the government taxes various package food items, like chips or soda. The government has specifically mentioned the list of non-taxable goods. You can find out the list on the government website. 

The government of Connecticut had passed a law called ‘The Amazon Law’ in the year 2011. The law enables the state to allow e-commerce businesses to collect and remit sales taxes. The e-commerce businesses that have marketing affiliates in Connecticut need to pay sales tax for the goods that they sell to the residents of Connecticut. 

To calculate the general sales tax of corona, you need to know the exact sales tax rate of Connecticut. You can use the calculator to find the tax rate and also to calculate how much tax you owe to the government.

Sales Tax Rate/s For Connecticut State In 2021

The sales tax rate for the Connecticut state is 6.35% for the year 2021. The Connecticut government does not allow any cities or municipalities to levy a sales tax. The tax rate of 6.35% is the smallest as well as the highest possible sales tax in Connecticut.

There is also no county or special sales tax rate for Connecticut. Therefore, the sales tax remains uniform throughout the state. 6.351% is the average sales tax for every zip code in Connecticut.

The sales tax rate in Connecticut, however, may change based on the type of product. There are also few other taxes in Connecticut. These are the following:

  1. Lodging Tax
  2. Rental Tax
  3. Consumers’ Use Tax
  4. Sellers’ Use Tax

Other 2021 Sales Tax Facts For Connecticut

Although the sales tax for Connecticut is uniform (6.35%) for all the cities, there are some exceptions to it. 

The state charges higher sales tax on the purchase of luxury goods. If you rent a car in Connecticut for 30 or fewer days, you will have to pay 9.35% sales tax on it. Apart from that, if you sell cars worth more than $50,000, or jewelry worth more than $5000, and clothing, luggage, umbrella, or shoes worth more than $1000, you will have to pay 7.75% of sales tax on it. 

Also, if you are not a resident of Connecticut and you buy a car in Connecticut, the sales will drop to only 4.5%.

Last Sales Tax Rates Updates

The sales tax rates in Connecticut were last updated in February 2021. You can check more information about Connecticut sales tax on the official website of the state.