How to Cut Your Credit Interest?

Here is an opportunity to save money by getting better Annual Interest Rates (or APR). If you owe some money on your currents credit cards, it is time to analyze how you can save lots of money.

One Method I used for more then twenty-one years is: switching bank with promotion program for one year. Lest assume your interest rates are: 20% and the new credit card promotion program are zero Interest. If you owe more then ten thousands of dollars, you can save in one year up to $2,000 on interest alone!  You can find these promotions zero interest on the Internet:

Another way to save thousand of dollars on interest is: Call your creditor and explain the situation, that you find promotion with low interest rate offer. You like to stay with this bank, and you ask the creditor: Can we work on a deal? 99% of the creditors will agree to your new term. Just by picking your phone and talk to your creditor, will lower your interest rate sharply.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the USA is: always ask! Can you imagine how many people in our country, are losing money only because they simply don’t ask. In my book I will show how to work the system for your advantage, just like many big corporations in this great nation.

Another idea I use for years is: I look for new credit cards invitations coming in my mail box with a Zero interest promotion program. I then transfer my balance to the new promotion cards by paying off the older cards.

Now if the creditor is one of major bank in USA, I close the account for good. Because: most big bank doesn’t care, of losing costumers, because they charge you high interest rate. These big banks working with high volumes of costumers, and if they can increase the interest rates a bit, most likely costumer doesn’t take note. Big bank can charge you up to: 30% interest rates and you can lose a lot of money a long the way.

Mediums and small credit cards issuer are more sensitive to costumers, they willing to work out on your new term of; low interest rate just by asking.

For many years; many American and Canadian are using credit cards to make money. Since credit cards is almost free money, if you know how to work the system. In my book, I have covered all the steps for you to apply this system.

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