Sometimes, you might need to figure out the total amount to pay without the sales tax amount added to it. In that area, you will in need of relying on a “Reverse Sales Tax Calculator”, and guess what, we’ve got that too on our page for your convenience. There’s no need of remembering the formula on your mind since our calculator does it all for you. 

For this to work, you will be asked to provide your total receipt amount and then choose the applied rate from the list. Upon processing, you will be able to see the price before tax. 

Putting different, the Reverse Calculator calculates the amount before the sales tax is imposed.

So, this is how the Reverse Sales Tax Calculator works. 

What is Taxable in Arizona?

How Does Reverse Sales Tax Calculator Arizona Work?

It’s no wonder that Sales Tax is imposed in Arizona, but is what you’re selling even or that is tax-exempt?

Putting it simply, no service in Arizona is taxable. Therefore, it’s good for you if you do freelancing or plumbing because you won’t be taxed by the state. But there is more to it – if the service that you offer is about (or has something to do with) manufacturing or creating a product, you might have to deal with the sales tax. 

The tangible items, on the other hand, are taxable in the Arizona state. However, there are a small number of exceptions for the items used in agriculture or industry. 

For example, if you sell toys, then you can charge your customers with the sales tax, but if you’re a graphic design, you cannot charge any tax to your customers. 

Top Cities and Their tax rates in Arizona:

Here’s the list of the cities along with the counties that sheds light on the total sales tax. Take a look:

Rank City County Total Sales Tax
1 Phoenix Maricopa 8.600%
2 Tucson Pima 8.600%
3 Mesa Maricopa 8.050%
4 Scottsdale Maricopa 7.950%
5 Chandler Maricopa 7.800%
6 Glendale Maricopa 9.200%
7 Gilbert Maricopa 7.800%
8 Tempe Maricopa 8.100%
9 Peoria Maricopa 8.150%
10 Surprise Maricopa 8.500%
11 Yuma Yuma 8.412%
12 Avondale Maricopa 8.800%
13 Goodyear Maricopa 8.800%
14 Flagstaff Coconino 8.951%
15 Buckeye Maricopa 9.300%
16 Casa Grande Pinal 8.700%
17 Lake Havasu City Mohave 7.850%
18 Maricopa Pinal 8.700%
19 Marana Pinal 9.200%
20 Prescott Valley Yavapai 9.180%