A reverse sales tax calculator is a computer-based method to calculate sales tax backward. Business entities use reverse sales tax to understand the actual price of a product and the tax attributed to it. Various sites provide this service to their users free of cost to make the task easy for them. 

Calculating reverse tax without a computer-based system can be a difficult task. You will have to gather all your handwritten receipts, then calculate the sales tax for each product using a formula. It could be a frustrating as well as a time-consuming process. However, with the reverse sales tax calculator, you can easily do that in less time. 

Now, before going into details, let us understand what is sales and reverse sales tax.

Sales Tax And Reverse Sales Tax

 Reverse Sales Tax Calculator
Reverse Sales Tax Calculator

Government imposes a sales tax on the sale of goods and services at the point of sale. Different states can levy a different sales tax to use the amount for various welfare purposes. Thus, it can vary depending upon the needs of different states.A reverse sales tax calculator helps in calculating sales tax backward to know the tax amount and pre-tax price. Government levies sales tax on businesses, employees, and other entities depending upon the specific laws in different countries.Sales tax is an indirect tax. The retailer transfers the tax amount from consumers to the government.

However, since it is an indirect tax, most of the burden of the tax falls on the consumers. Besides, there are different sales taxes on different commodities in the United States. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the customers to understand how much tax they are paying for a particular commodity. Some retailers may take advantage of this situation and charge extra. However, a reverse sales tax will help you in understanding it. A reverse sales tax is not something you pay, but something you calculate to know how much amount you have paid on a commodity besides its actual cost. Businesses and other entities also use this method to understand how much amount they are paying as a tax.

What Is A Reverse Sales Tax Calculator?

Calculating reverse sales tax by yourself could be a tedious task for most of us. Therefore, various sites have come up with their own reverse sales tax calculator. With this calculator, you can easily calculate the tax amount you have paid. 

All you have to do is to enter some numbers like the amount you paid, tax percentage, etc; it will give you the results in a few seconds. It will help you to figure out the pre-tax price of a product. Moreover, you can also find out whether you are paying more than the tax amount on a commodity.

The reverse tax calculator uses a formula to calculate the pre-tax price. You can simply deduct this price from the total amount to know how much you have paid. What is this formula? Let’s find out.

The Formula And How To Use It

The formula to calculate the reverse sales tax is,

Selling price (Pre-tax price) = final price (Post-tax price) /1 + sales tax

You can calculate the reverse tax by dividing your tax receipt by 1 plus the percentage of the sales tax. The next step is to multiply the outcome by the tax rate, it will give you the total sales-tax dollars. Now, all you have to do is to deduct this amount from the total to get non-tax sales revenue. 

Well, it may seem very difficult to calculate on paper, but with a reverse sales tax calculator, it is a piece of cake. It won’t take more than a few minutes to calculate it. You need to enter the total cost and the percentage of tax to get the total sales-tax dollars. Now, you can do simple deductions and find out the non-tax sales revenue.

For instance, if your total receipt is $200, and the tax percentage is 6, you can enter it in the calculator to get the total sales-tax dollars, 188.68. Now, you can easily deduct this amount from the total receipt to find out how much you paid as tax. 

How Can You Benefit From The Reverse Sales Tax?

The reverse sales tax can help you in several ways. First of all, since the sales tax rates are rising, it is important to know the impact of the sales tax. The audit of the reverse sales tax will help you in understanding your business operations. It may also result in the chances of getting refunds and saving. 

The reverse sales tax is also essential in filing income tax returns. Since the government levies sales tax on the goods sold in the stores, they can claim a refund for overpaid taxes. This will be more beneficial for commodities that you sell in other states owing to the tax rate differences. 

As you know the price difference before and after-tax and also the tax rate, you can figure out the actual tax amount and the amount you are paying. If you are paying more than you should, you can also claim monetary credit. However, to claim the refund, you must have all the receipts for the purchases. 

Since the exemptions and tax rates can vary in different states, this can help business entities in drawing out their business strategies for different states. Calculating reverse sales tax can help in understanding how much a product will cost for a consumer in a different state or locality. So, accordingly, they can take further decisions regarding product sales.

However, for using all its benefits, you will have to calculate the reverse tax sales first. The reverse sale tax calculator will make the overall job easy for you. It is an easy way to calculate the tax even if you do not know the formula. You don’t have to make an effort to crunch all the numbers by yourself. The calculator will do it for you with the data available.