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How Salvation Army Rent Assistance Program Is Becoming A Ray Of Hope For Millions

In a world full of uncertainties, we face many contingencies we are often not prepared for. So when we are caught up in such situations, we find ourselves helpless, especially economically. This is where the salvation army rent assistance program comes to our rescue. We might not know how any development or event taking place in one part of the world will affect us.

Also, irrespective of the cause or origin of the event, it is the economies that are sure to face consequences. It does not take time for economic impact to reach the common man. As soon as the economies start slowing down, profits diminish, producers cut employees and salaries to cover the cost. Loss of livelihood or cuts in wages, coupled with the increasing burden of payments, other medical expenses, make families miserable. Due to this situation, families may be forced to leave their houses.

salvation army rent assistance
salvation army rent assistance

The salvation army rent assistance program helps such tenants to save their houses and earn a living. The program helps needy people irrespective of their social backgrounds. Through its Utility Assistance Program, it helps needy people with emergency financial assistance like the payment of rent, medical and transport assistance, other bill payments, and food, etc.

However, the assistance that the program offers is short-term, provided with an aim to help tenants to recover from a crisis. Though the assistance program is short-term, the army supports participants to develop employability skills. It organizes job training programs to make the participants self-sufficient. 

A team of Salvation Army is present in almost all the states and works according to the needs of the people. Therefore, the services offered in one town can differ from the services offered in another. 

The salvation army rent assistance program receives limited funds and therefore, the support is given only to the needy people. To ensure this, the Salvation Army has prescribed criteria to find out the most eligible applicants. If you are going through a crisis and need financial help, the Salvation Army can help you if you pass the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria For Salvation Army Utility Assistance Program

  1. You must be facing a financial crisis that emerged due to unforeseen events. Also, you must be able to prove your case.
  2. You must not have received assistance from the Salvation Army Utility Assistance Program in the previous year.
  3. You must not have been a beneficiary of any other assistance program of any church or organization within the previous six months.

If you meet the criteria and find yourself eligible for the program, you can fill the application form. The concerned officials will also ask you to present certain documents for verification All the documents listed by them and the details must be true and valid. Any fallacious information presented in the documents can make you ineligible for the salvation army rent assistance program. 

Salvation Army Emergency Financial Assistance

Salvation Army Emergency Financial Assistance
Salvation Army Emergency Financial Assistance

The salvation army helps needy people in dealing with any financial crisis they might be facing. The emergency may prevent you from accessing some services or paying bills. The salvation army utility assistance program can help you in overcoming this crisis. Following are the things with which the salvation army can help you during an emergency:

  • Rental and housing assistance
  • Medical bills, prescription vouchers
  • Emergency transport assistance 
  • Meal and grocery assistance
  • Employment assistance for stability

If you are facing difficulty in accessing any of these services and need help, you can contact a salvation army center in your area. Now, let us see these services in detail.

Assistance With Housing And Rent Payments

It could be a loss of a job or a medical emergency that can put you at the risk of eviction. The Salvation Army provides support to prevent such a situation. It also assists the people who have already lost their homes. 

There are centers of the Salvation Army across the country. If you find yourself facing eviction or need funds to prevent such a crisis, you can visit any nearby center. Since the Army receives limited funds, they may not always be able to assist you. If they have enough funds, they will assist you. If not, they will help you explore more options from where you can receive help. They will provide you with information about other charities or programs that can help you tackle your current situation. 

The salvation army rent assistance program also includes transitional housing services. This refers to offering temporary shelter to needy people. If anyone is facing eviction and needs shelter for a night or some time, they can use this service. This helps people in getting a place to live in. This service largely helps the people who might be evicted or have been experiencing domestic violence or separation and find themselves helpless. 

It also offers permanent housing options to the tenants. If you are looking for a new and affordable house to live in, the salvation army can help you with that too. You can visit the center of the Salvation Army in your area and they will provide you with information regarding the housing facilities available in your area. Then according to the availability, they will give you options. The house can be made available to you for a short time as well as for a long time, even permanently, based on your needs.

While assisting, the Army gives preference mainly to the seniors, families with children, single mothers, and the people who are facing eviction or are at the risk of it. The salvation army rent assistance Program provides emergency funds to such tenants to prevent them from homelessness.

It provides assistance for the short-term only, the goal is to make them capable in the long term. For this purpose, the Salvation Army offers other programs to give job training and other facilities to the tenants to help them in achieving stability over the long term. 

 Assistance In Medical Expenses

A medical emergency is one of the things that can increase your cost exponentially in a short period. This can also reduce your ability to pay house rent. Therefore, the army also offers assistance with the payment of medical bills and other medical-related expenses.

The Salvation Army also has general medical clinics, dental clinics at some centers that may offer treatment at a low cost. This may help the needy people to lower their costs and utilize saved money for other purposes.

Assistance In Food

The Salvation Army has food centers across the country at different locations. You can get a free meal at these centers for the short-term. The Army volunteers or the case managers will then suggest to you other options, like government programs, in case you need more assistance. It also offers home-delivered food to the households of disabled and senior citizens, who are homebound. 

The army also provides free groceries to some eligible households. Moreover, it gives an option to these households to choose their groceries. The number of groceries or the amount of assistance that you receive will depend on the level of the family income and the size of the family. 

Transport Assistance

You may be facing a crisis with your vehicle, you may not be able to afford repair cost, gas cost, etc. This may prevent you from reaching a doctor or accomplishing other tasks. If you are having an emergency and need transport help, the army may offer you bus tokens, bus cards, gas money, etc. But, this is only possible in emergency cases. 

Bill payments

The salvation army rent assistance program can also help you with utility bill payments. However, this service is mainly provided to households that have one or more members who are children, sick or disabled. The people in such houses may need more care and assistance. Therefore, the Salvation Army helps these people with the payment of heating, cooling, and water bills in times of emergency.

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Assistance In Employment

The salvation army rent assistance will help you only in the short-term. You will have to take efforts to achieve long-term stability. The salvation army will assist you in finding a job to increase your income. The increase in income can help you pay the bills by yourself and achieve stability.

The army will provide you with a case manager, who will examine your skills and find an appropriate job for you. The case manager will explore different employment opportunities available for you and will also help you in building your resume.

Besides these programs, the salvation army also offers seasonal assistance. It includes programs like back to school, in this, it helps school children in accessing low-cost or free study materials. The organization also runs annual campaigns on the occasions of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays.

On these days, they offer a free meal to the poor and needy. Under the Angel Tree Program, they offer gifts and essentials to the seniors, children. The Adopt-A family program helps needy people in getting necessities. They enlist the items that the people need and find donors for them.

All these programs were introduced to help poor and needy people to live peaceful and happy lives and have been serving the purpose over decades. 

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